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Monday, Thursday, and Saturday classes are held at the Libertyville Sports Complex. Call Master Guo at 847-322-5888 for more information.

Our Naperville classes are held on Sunday afternoons in conjunction with the Naperville Chinese School. Check our Class Schedule or call Master Guo at 847-322-5888 for more information.

About CMAA

Championship Martial Arts Academy was founded in 1991 by world-renowned Master Jianhua Guo to instruct both children and adults in Chinese Wushu martial arts. The school has grown to well over 300 students at Chicago, Mundelein, and Naperville locations.

CMAA students train in both internal (e.g. Tai Chi) and external (e.g. Kung Fu) forms. Classes range from beginner through advanced and championship levels. Individual instruction emphasizes forms, weapons, and other basic techniques. Group practice brings together students of various ranks in a friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere.

Whether beginner or advanced, students will find instruction to match his or her ability. CMAA students have won hundreds of medals in national and international competition, establishing the school as one of the world's premier Wushu training centers.

Which classes are right for me?

Kung Fu: Kung Fu is a great way to workout, tone muscle, learn skills, and even lose weight. Beginners of all ages interested in Kung Fu should visit the Mundelein facility on Saturday at 11:00AM or Thursday at 7:30PM to view a class and get more information. While the mean age of students in the Saturday morning class is lower than that of the Thursday evening class, you will find students of all age groups in both classes. From about age 8 and above, students will typically take both the beginning bare-hands and weapons class on Saturday. Thursday class is bare-hands only.

Tai Chi: Tai-Chi is an excellent way to build flexibility and core strength through traditional Chinese-style motions. Adults interested in Tai Chi should visit the Mundelein facility on Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 6:30PM to view a class and get more information.

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